Sunco is committed to education and to developing a skilled work force. We have and continue to sponsor apprentices in British Columbia and Alberta.

Sunco has an Apprenticeship Coordinator who acts as a liason between Sunco, the employee and the organizations mentioned below, ensuring that all steps are met in the registration and certification process.


Apprenticeship Info for British Columbia:

The Industry Training Authority of BC (ITA) is the government agency that takes care of the registration of workers and employers. Employers who register with ITA are given the term “sponsors”. The ITA also sets the standards for certification and keeps track of the progress of the apprentice as they complete different requirements of the program. This tracking is done by issuing a Transcript for each worker that has registered with them.

An employee interested in registering as an apprentice in our field would register in the “Wall and Ceiling Installer” program or the “Drywall Finisher” program.

More information about the ITA can be found on their website at

Once an apprentice is registered with the ITA they can complete their education through the BC Wall and Ceiling Association. Sunco is a member of the BC Wall and Ceiling Association and Sunco personnel have taken leadership roles (President, Vice-President, etc) of the various chapters of this organization throughout the province in the past and currently.

The BC Wall and Ceiling Association website is

They have information on their website with regard to training classes and general apprenticeship information (ie. Info on tax credits and grants)


Apprenticeship Info for Alberta:

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Board is the government agency that takes care of registration of workers. An employee interested in registering in our field would register in the “Lather-Interior Systems Mechanic” program. The Lather-ISM Provincial Apprenticeship Committee is an active organization that meet on a regular basis to improve industry training and standards. Sunco personnel have been a member of this committee in the past.

Workers complete their education either at NAIT or SAIT (depending, primarily, on their location.)

More information about Alberta Apprenticeship can be found on the website,